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What The Rich Buy That The Poor and Middle Class Do Not!


Poor people buy "stuff"- Trinkets, gadgets, cheap things that clutter up their house and are totally unnecessary. They also buy things on "sale"that they may or may not need just because it was "cheap".


Middle Class people buy "Liabilities"- Things that take money OUT of your pockets. They buy things on credit like houses, cars, nice clothes, etc. Similar to the poor people, but more expensive stuff, and they look really nice, and pay for things “on time”.


Wealthy people buy ASSETS- Things that PAY them.


That was a totally new idea when I heard it. Most people know the word "invest", but they think it means "buy low now, and sell high later".


After reading Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", I learned that you can buy things that PAY you now.


For example, if you buy a vending machine, it pays you every time someone buys candy or soda from it. You buy the machine, buy the candy and soda, but MAKE money when someone buys it from your machine.


Another example is rental real estate- when you buy a rental property, the renters pay you, and you keep the money.


AMAZING concept!


You can do the same online.


This report that you just got can be an ASSET for you- it can create more money for you by selling it.

"Did I buy this course JUST to sell it?" I don't know why YOU bought it; there is an excellent mobile app course on making money in here.

But many people are buying this for the SOLE reason of selling it.

Just like ANY business buys ANYTHING.

A supermarket buys eggs to RESELL them. is a huge publisher and delivers digital ebooks through their Kindle service for a fee. They buy books to sell books.


Your model here is a little different in that by reading this sentence, you have earned the right to refer this system and course for a tip of $25.


I will not take a cut, and you have not bought it from me.

You get to keep ALL the money.



If you paid more or less than that,
contact me IMMEDIATELY.

You will not be held responsible, but
in order to protect everyone's opportunity,
we MUST put a stop to that!!

that's the limit to your resell rights. That's the price point unless I change my mind for some reason, and it will be on the sales page.

Otherwise, have fun giving people some great knowledge oa way to make moneyn how to make money, and an actual product that they can do it with!


Here's how to do that:


Just like every business in the world, you will find people who want to have this book. “A Business sells stuff to people who want that stuff.”


When people who want it learn about this report, they will send you $27, and then they will access the site.


To advertise and find the people who WANT this book, you will use certain phrases and posts that trigger the correct response from the correct people.




STEP 1- Get Your Link!

Your RAW Cash App System reseller link is:


***Remember- Replace “YOURUSERNAME” with your CASH APP ID***

(Ex. My Cash App ID is $ValpRod, so the link to get it from me is )



The BEST way to do this is to DUPLICATE THE SYSTEM
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Just shorten it using
(especially if you are doing text marketing!)





When people inbox you, or comment on your post,
send them a
PRIVATE message:

“This is a great system, and I'm friends with the creator on facebook. There's a video that explains everything, but make sure you send in your confirmation in step 3 so you can get paid instantly. It 100% works- here's the link:

And Send Your NEW "Cash App System" link!




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Simply post on facebook:


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Your post should balance the difference between people thinking you are just going to give them money for commenting, and people who are looking to EARN money through doing something.

For Example:



STEP 3- Free $5 & Proof



When people inbox you, or comment on your post,
send them a
PRIVATE message.

(**Note: You can skip to STEP 3 now, or go through this process,
which works MUCH, MIUCH, MUCH better**)


“Do you have 8 concentrated minutes now to follow directions?”


Wait for them to reply. If no, tell them to try you later.
If yes, then continue:

"Can you follow some simple directions now
without having to know everything first?"

They answer yes, or no- doesn't matter.

Great- download this app and connect it. Tell me when you're done,

Send them your referral link for Cash App,
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When they are done, tell them:

Ok, I'm going to send you $5 now,
and then you just send it back right away.

Send them $5 through the Cash App.
(Click $5, and then pay, and their phone number, and confirm)

When you and they get $5- celebrate!
"Yay! Free Money!"

If not, ask:

"Did you connect your debit card yet?"

Then- When you have just given them $5,
you ask the best question:

You're welcome! Do you want to go to part 2?






Many of them will go to the site and get the system, giving you $27 for telling them about it. Find 4 in 30 minutes, and that’s over $100.



I’m sure there will be people who choose to do nothing,
or will say something dumb like:


“Oh? I have to pay $27 to make $100? No thanks”

Even though you JUST made them $5!


They probably weren’t going to do anything anyway.
Don’t worry about them- they do not deserve this information.


This is for ACTION TAKERS.

Then you should screenshot your CASH APP Balance
and COMMENT on your own facebook post with it!


You have learned how to make money with the Automated Cash App System.

  • Post on facebook

  • Send PRIVATE messages to people who ask for info

  • Promote & Repeat




If you post the raw link to facebook, or as a reply in the public comments section anywhere, your license to refer this is VOID, and I won’t even tell you. I will simply redirect your link to my own.


"Motivated people choose themselves!"
Here's another way To Make Money with Apps, by sending them your DOSH or CASH app links first.

If you want to make this work well,
follow these directions EXACTLY.

On facebook, post the following EXACT words:

(BTW- Posting "who wants free money" or "Extra money" or "Free $5!" or anything else- is NOT following directions, and doesn't work. People don't want "extra money" or "$5", they want an exciting, believable GOAL- it doesn't matter if YOU have not made $100 yet- that has nothing to do with what is possible. You have made $5, and know how to make more- that is all.
This EXACT post works the best, so use THIS EXACT post)

When people comment, REPLY that you will send them a private message.

Then send them a Private message
with YOUR referral code.

You will get MANY, MANY comments, and yet only about 25% will be motivated and self-confident enough to click. They will also thank you and help others. 

WARNING: The brokest people will be the most negative and skeptical. The broker and more they need to make $100 a day, the more trouble they will be. They will procrastinate and want to know everything before they do anything (a sign of broke mindset) and will waste a lot of your time and energy, and make you feel bad for helping them. I prefer to let autoresponders remind them!

Skip anyone who gives you a headache!

YOU are the one who is doing THEM the favor,
Getting them FREE Money!

Here is a message to send:

$100 a day downloading a free app- yes, it's true, and there's tons of proof on the page.
Here's the link: (Your Referral Link)

All questions are a waste of your time: 
"Can you tell me more?"
"Will they steal my identity?"
"But how is this possible?"
"I don't want to click"
"Why haven't I heard of it?"

21,000 reviews, 1 Million Downloads,
and they are worried about... what?

Don't waste your time!
That's why I made the sites- To save you time!

Get paid to GIVE away money!

When they get their $5, tell them the good news:
"Tada! Free Money! Would you like to see part 2?"

Then have them download from
your Cash App Referral Link.

3 Things:

1- They may have to MANUALLY add your referral code
2- They have to send $5, so I usually send them $5 first, and have them send it back
3- They will have to add a debit card.

Then you will both get ANOTHER $5,
and then you can send them your Automated Cash App System Link, where they can get this course.


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